Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to use Silhouette Monogram Files to make your own!

The question I probably get asked the most is how to modify my monogram files. So here is an in depth tutorial on how to do that!
When you buy my monogram files, usually they look something like this:

When you buy that design, the letters are separate and are not included, they can be found here:

From there you can copy and paste the letters you need into the monogram file you bought, using this method:

First, open your monogram file with the letters that you want to use. If you want different letters then you would have a couple more to open.

If everything is all grouped together like it is here, click directly on the image to select it.

 If there are a ton of parts and it's confusing, select all is a good way to get everything.

Go to Object- Ungroup

Now everything should look a little like this, you can see all the different pieces.

 You might select a layer to grab one piece, only to find it is still stuck together-

Simply ungroup it again,

 Click ungroup again. If you ever want to undo anything, just hit Edit- Undo!

Now you have 3 separate letters!

Time for the fun part. Go to Edit- Copy, once you have clicked on the letter you want,

go to your original blank document that is there whenever you open Silhouette studio, and go to Edit- Paste.

Tra La!

Now go to your other documents and do the same steps with the other letters you want.

If they are different sizes like they are here, simply click one corner and hold shift while you drag it out. Holding shift will make sure it stays the right dimensions.

Now to add your frame! For simplicity's sake I used one of the frames from the same file, but you can go crazy at this point and use whatever you want! Copy your frame from your other document,

and paste and drag it to your desired location.

It's that simple! Hope that helps some of you and have fun! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Totally addicted to Mint!

The newest awesome toy from Silhouette is finally in my hands! This little thing could almost be mistaken for an Apple TV, it's so small. It's the Mint!
I had the pleasure of seeing this baby in action at the Silhouette Summit that I attended, and I was already in love. 
When the package arrived I was a little intimidated at first but just couldn't wait to try this thing out, and an hour later I already had a stamp made! I am super excited about this machine because this means that we are so much closer to having a BIG thermal imaging printer for stencil making and whatever else you can think of! All of this technology touches on the same idea that GOCCO machines use, using heat to burn an image into thermal media. So in essence, this little contraption could be a future self contained screen printing machine. (fingers crossed)

Anyway, I wanted to make something fast, for the holidays and personalized. So I threw together this little stamp that I will use on my Christmas gifts:
And loaded up my new Mint software, which was surprisingly painless, as was the entire stamp making process! Its was so ridiculously easy, here were the steps:
1. Open your design
2. Choose stamp size
3. Center image
4. Choose filter (if needed, I think you might only really need these if you're trying to use a photo)
5. Click "Start Mint" ***Before putting in stamp***
6. Put in stamp cartridge 
TRA-LA! Thats all there is to it, the entire process took about 10 minutes, on my first try! Here are the results: 
Here is the stamp fresh out of the Mint and mounted on its block:
Waiting for the ink to absorb,
And stamping to get all the excess ink off. You can see the detail that this little machine can achieve, The only reason my stamp looks a little "messy" is because I added grungy textures to it so it wouldn't be too perfect.
Look how cute it is on my little Gift Card Bag!
I can't wait to make more stamps, my head is already filled with ideas! The possibilities are endless, you can use photos, which is something that the Silhouette definitely cannot do. It opens up so many more ways for you to personalize something, and FAST. I highly recommend grabbing one of these,  especially if you already an avid Silhouette-er. Has anyone else had success stories with this little toy yet? I would love to see what others come up with. :) Happy stamping!