Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pop Up Cards in my Silhouette Store!

I have some new pop up cards in my Silhouette store, one for birthdays and one for Easter. I thought I would make a tutorial on how to assemble both of them for you!


First cut out both cards and the elements,  obviously it's good to use lots of different fun colors! I am going to use generic plain paper for the sake of being simple:

Fold them both in half:

Fold the inside part of the 3D base inwards:

Fold the innermost folded part in the opposite direction, until you get this:

Attach the 3D base to the outer card using glue, tape, or my favorite, a Tombow.

Now the fun part, get out all your elements! I have a bunch of the things that are included in the birthday and Easter card sets.
For the birthday card, here is how to put together the cupcake that is included:
Attach the candles and icing with tape. Sometimes if I want some extra depth I'll take some left over scrap paper and fold it into a little box to put behind things.
Tape it on the back, 
And attach it to the card!

This is the part where you can really do whatever you want and run wild. Add as many layers as you want for more and more depth. Go crazy!
Make sure to keep closing the card to make sure that none of your elements stick out of the top when it is folded.

Here is a side view of the Easter card to show more detail:

You can just imagine how many other elements that you can add to your own card!
I hope this inspires you to make your own pop up cards, and when you do I would love to see them!


  1. Do you have a instructions on how to make your "camper van candy box" if so can you send it to me. Thanks Cathy

  2. Just made a tutorial Cathy! http://sophiegallo.blogspot.com/2014/05/camper-van-tutorial.html

  3. just cut out your candy cracker box from silhouette. i cant figure out how the get the ends to fold down properly. any advice?

  4. LOVE that card. Will have to remember that one. Enjoy summer while it lasts, lol.. Have you ever see the Pop Up Cards . I found them on google, their website : http://popupcard.net. They have verry beautiful samples. I love them.