Thursday, October 28, 2010

Logo Design and stuff

So I was asked by my friends Tony and Travis to design them a new logo for their company, Austin Bike Tours and Rentals. Here is how it turned out:

In the original plan there was going to be an armadillo riding the bike, which got voted out but I think is pretty cute:

There you go! If anyone ever needs a great tour of Austin, call them, they can set up biking, kayaking, you name it.
Also, the final
other biking poster I did is finally done, here t'is: (People love biking!)


  1. Interesting concept, applied very well. I like how you’ve bracketed the company name to force all the importance on that element. The angled door/window concept does remind a little of the French Property Exhibition logo however, which would be my only gripe, but apart from that you’ve nailed it for me. I’d say it definitely works better for me in black.
    nice logo

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