Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun!

So for Halloween this year, I took a little road trip with my boyfriend to New Orleans. Here are our amazing costumes:
He was Kuato from Total Recall, and I was Gus Chiggins. If you don't know ol'e Gus (not many people do) , then give him a Google.

Kuato and Gus like to high five.

Here's Kuato watching the game at Champion's Square, (we won, WHO DAT!)

Here's me with a Saints fairy, and a Scuba diver. My beard didn't want to stay on anymore at this point.

A cool panoramic of the superdome with my newfangled camera,

The cutest house I've ever seen:

Hurley and his brother after running around the yard like crazy,

Hurley being a cutie.

Happy Halloween!

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