Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Everest part 2: CV Tea Towel

For my self promotional package, I decided to screen print a cover letter on a tea towel to give out to potential employers. I started with my design and printed my transparencies; here are my screens being exposed:

They came out great! Someone wants to be in the picture too.

Printing... I always get the mean face when I do art for some reason.


Tra la!

Here are all the colors after they're all sewed: gunmetal, black, and gold.

I also added a loop to the back so they can hang...

I folded it with my business card inside, tied them with twine, all topped off with my signature logo "chip".

They're all ready to be delivered!

I hope the recipients like them!


  1. If I were a potential employer, I not only would hire you but put you on a creative think tank committee:p

  2. Wow Soph, these are incredible. When oh when can we have not just a craft night/day but an entire weekend?

  3. Any time you want, come visit! Oh, the things we could make. :)

  4. Hi Sophie! I find your work amazing!
    I have one did you realize by yourself the screen print?

  5. Thank you! I actually took a screen printing class that explained everything very simply. If you can find a teacher I definitely suggest learning. :)