Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas time, yay!

Santa gave me the best Christmas this year! My family always gives the best gifts, I am truly lucky. Here's my loot!

A Silhouette, (I can't wait to try this thing!) Some Spicy Cajun rum which will come in handy on NYE, adorable little bird earrings, the most awesome sequined sweatshirt ever, Vera Wang party stationery, awesome Matte nail polish, Stieg Larsson's box set which I've been dying to get into, THE BEST white skinny jeans I have ever tried on, and last but definitely not least, an amazing Victorian gold bracelet from the 1800's that my mom has been hiding in a soap box for the last 2 decades (best mom ever).
This was the best Christmas yet! What did everyone else get?
Hurley Claus says: Merrrrrrry Christmas!


  1. I gets teh iPads, DJ hero, DVDs, a book on zombie combat, firecrackers and booze candyyyyy. Good Christmas indeed!

  2. Ye better save me some of dat booze candy!

  3. Lucky girl! I got a Phineas Jorge Octo print [Love me some octopi], a cd organizer, bookcase, antique glass bottle vase... I canna remember anymore. Hurley looks adorable... Mavis would got nutsy for him. :)