Friday, January 7, 2011

A very dinky Christmas

So this Christmas, I spent a good chunk of time making presents instead of buying for my friends and family. Here are how some of them came out!

First for decoration and some jewelry elements I went crazy with more shrinky dinks. I made frames, birdcages, banners, and other things, which later became necklaces or random charms.

Some of them I attached to presents and maybe people could think of their own things to do with them...

I also used some of my shrinky dink flowers from earlier to make my mom a necklace that she saw me wearing and fell in love with.

I also made one for my grandmother, here they are wearing their fancy new necklaces-

And here's my mom wearing hers-

Here is a coupon book that I made for my boyfriend with various coupons for things that I think he will like-

Sticking with my tea towel theme lately, I made my girlfriends some silk screened towels with "our slogan" on them (yeah, we're cheesy). They each got two, one black and one gold. Who Dat.

And topped them off with a shrinky dink key chain/chip that they can show off to all their friends so they can be jealous.

And here is one third of the trifecta, Jessica showing off her tea towel.

Whew! It was hard keeping all those gifts a secret. :) Can't believe we are already a week into the new year. Hope everyone is having a great one!

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