Monday, May 16, 2011

Wine crate renovations and moving day

Recently I have become obsessed with finding, refinishing and decorating wine crates. I want to hang them on the walls to create shelves, but I can't do that yet, because we are moving! So this will probably be my last post for a while, as I start to pack up my craft stuff. But here are some photos of a couple of the wine crates I managed to take pics of before packing:

I managed to collect about 11 crates, some I got for free, some I had to buy, and some had fancy lids and other unique details. I sanded all of them down, teak oiled them to make the wood stronger, stained, and then poly-d them. These I stained in a walnut finish and then I used my awesome retro stencils to decorate all the sides of the crates. Then I lined the inside with these cute papers I found.

I went a little crazy at the Paper Source store when I went to get paper for the crates. I ended up buying these little book binding kits as well to match, I think they came out adorably.

This koi fish paper is so cute it makes me want to cry. It's screen printed, and when looking closely, it looks as if by hand. Photos can't even do the paper justice.

I cant wait to use all of these crates for decorating. I have a whole set more that I lined with fabric, but those will have to wait. Here's hoping the move to the Big Easy is nice and easy!


  1. good luck on the move, I just moved as well. the unpacking and organizing process is noted in my blog... ... I am still trying to figure out how to fit all of my scrapbooking, paper and yarn into a room that I am starting to believe is too small and also has to fit a guest bed eventually...

    I know how frustrating moving can be...


  2. They look great! I really like how you kept the rustic shadowbox look. It was a really nice twist. Thank you for sharing and good luck on the move!


  3. Thanks Patrick! If you ever have any crates you don't want you know where to send them! :)