Monday, June 29, 2015

Dots on everything!

I have been obsessed with dalmatian spots recently, I want to put them on everything! I realized that it would be super easy with my Silhouette machine and some stencil sheets I had laying around that I ordered from Amazon-
 Stencil Sheets 
Dalmatian Spots Stencil
I opened up my pattern and sent it through the Silhouette with the same settings as heavy card stock. 

It cut out perfectly! I wanted to make sure it would work, so I dug out some black paper, paint, and some stencil brushes.

Look how cleanly it came out!

I started blotting the spots after taping down the stencil and paper,

It looks great!!
I just love the texture that came out with the stencil brushes. Just imagine how cute this would be on fabric, or a onesie, or with some gold foil! The possibilities are endless! I am currently trying to figure out how I would make curtains with this stencil. 

I hope you love it and that y'all come up with some great ideas! :) And if anyone would like a pre-made printable poster using this pattern, you can use the one that's on my Etsy shop!

Have fun! :)

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