Monday, May 19, 2014

Camper Van Assembly Tutorial

I finally got around to making a tutorial for my Camper Van!

The most important part is finding strong enough paper. I would use a thick card stock or cardboard. I used a thin piece of cardboard and regular paper for the colored pieces, although card stock would be better.  You could go really crazy with patterned or glittery paper!

Here are all the pieces fresh from the machine:

To get the 4 hubcaps, just copy and paste the headlight in your silhouette software 3 times.

Send that to your Silhouette machine and once you get all the pieces in what colors you want, you can start affixing your trim and hubcaps, I like to use my Tombo.

Place the back piece on right below the window.

The front piece should align on top right with the 2 corners of the van.

Now fold it up, and interlock the 2 tabs on the bottom,

and tape the bottom up pretty well for support.

Now bend the back end and interlock the bumper with the tabs

and bend the tab back so it stays. I like to tape this down as well.

Do the same to the front.

Tra-la! Now you can open up the sunroof and get to the fun part!

I like to use cellophane bags to put whatever my filling is inside. Depending on how heavy your filling is, you might want to add an extra piece of thick scrap paper on the bottom and tape it up. It is good to try to find the lightest objects you can, I used gumdrops here.

Fill it up!

Then you can tie up the top of the bag, and Close up the top. I used some cute washi tape to close mine. You can also personalize the van by writing someone's name on the side panel, or wherever! You can add some cute flowers to the sides, or put in some Scooby snacks for your dog lover friends. The possibilities are endless. :)