Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Photo Display Tutorial!

Hey everyone! Very last minute, but you know that's how we do around here :) Here is a quick tutorial on how to put together my Thanksgiving Pumpkin Photo Frame! 
Here is the finished version-

So to start, when you cut out the pieces, there will be a large piece that looks like this-
simply fold all of the tabs into each other, and tape (or glue) the frame together, like this-
I like to use double sided tape for this bc it's strong, cheap, and I have a lot of it. Next we cut out the other pieces-

Cut out all the pieces you want with corresponding colored papers, and find your photo or whatever you would like to put inside.

Now you can start to assemble it the way you want, add other designs or just go crazy! I love my scotch dot glue pen for the little pieces, it works perfectly.
Here you go! This is how it looks lying down. I included 2 pumpkins in the file, one for if you want your frame to stand up straight, or the other for if you would like a rounder bottom pumpkin, and for the frame to rest on your surface. Have fun and happy gobbler day!