Monday, June 29, 2015

Dots on everything!

I have been obsessed with dalmatian spots recently, I want to put them on everything! I realized that it would be super easy with my Silhouette machine and some stencil sheets I had laying around that I ordered from Amazon-
 Stencil Sheets 
Dalmatian Spots Stencil
I opened up my pattern and sent it through the Silhouette with the same settings as heavy card stock. 

It cut out perfectly! I wanted to make sure it would work, so I dug out some black paper, paint, and some stencil brushes.

Look how cleanly it came out!

I started blotting the spots after taping down the stencil and paper,

It looks great!!
I just love the texture that came out with the stencil brushes. Just imagine how cute this would be on fabric, or a onesie, or with some gold foil! The possibilities are endless! I am currently trying to figure out how I would make curtains with this stencil. 

I hope you love it and that y'all come up with some great ideas! :) And if anyone would like a pre-made printable poster using this pattern, you can use the one that's on my Etsy shop!

Have fun! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Etsy Store!

There are too many things swirling around in my head!! I have just been going crazy creating stuff lately, so I decided to open up another shop to go along with Sophie's Paper House. I wanted to start making printable art and typography, so here is  Sophie's Pixel House!
Gallery walls are so trendy these days, and with my art you can set one up cheap and easily. Don't spend a ton of money when you can do it yourself, and it's way more fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New 3D stuffs in my Silhouette Store

Finally getting around to putting these projects up in my store, I've been wanting to make these forever! Hope y'all enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Etsy Etsy Etsy!

 My Etsy Shop is up and running once again! I have updated it with a bunch of my own svg files for people with die cutting machines, and paper addictions like me. These can be used with paper, vinyl, fabric, the possibilities are literally endless! Check it out and happy crafting! :)