Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Craft Fair

First Craft Fair Ever!

It was (super) short notice, but I was able to gather enough things to be in my very first craft fair last weekend :)

My little setup for the day!

I had my little helper out there with me to lure in customers. He pretty much got all the attention.

I made little gift sets of all my die cuts and packaged up all of my stationery.

Remember my Shrinky Dink bouquet necklaces? I used my necklace stand to display them.

With all the excitement I forgot to get a picture of myself with everything!

 I love these little wax seals so much, all handmade by me :)

So many bags of tiny confetti!

I almost thought I might not have enough prints... Until I gathered them all and had a mountain.

We had so much fun in the sun. Happy Easter from me and Pickles!